Why you can trust us

There are three important reasons you can trust our reporting.

We are independent.

We are independent of any country, government, organisation or company. We have complete control over what we write, subject to the laws of the United Kingdom. This means we can hold power to account.

We treat all points of view fairly and with an open mind. Our content reflects the full range of views on a subject. But, we do not provide a platform for hate, and we remain committed to basic democratic principles such as the right to vote, freedom of expression and the rule of law.

Furthermore, we will take a stance on political issues of special importance. For instance, on 10 May 2020, we declared our support for Abeldane GUM membership.

Our opinion pieces are clearly marked, and we do not use news stories to advance a point of view.

We are accurate.

We research and fact-check all our stories, and gather information responsibly. We do not distort or misrepresent information, and we avoid deceptive headlines. We do not speculate.

We write in straightforward, precise language.

We correct errors promptly, giving details on the article.

We are transparent.

The Amerston Post is solely owned by Anthony Clark, who has complete editorial and managerial control.

At present, all content is written by Anthony Clark. If content is written by other contributors, we will provide their names and biographical information.

We give clear details of our sources and, when relevant, research methodologies. We do not withhold details of our sources without good editorial reasons.

We clearly label any advertising.

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To make a complaint or report an error, please contact us.

Read our statement regarding online child protection here.

We voluntarily comply with the IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice.

This page was adapted from guidelines published by NewsGuard and the BBC editorial guidelines.

Please note that content published prior to March 2020 may not conform the guidelines set out on this page.

Updates to this page

March 7 2020 – page published.

May 10 2020 – reference to impartiality removed; added statement on political issues of special importance.